Network restructuring and moving

Scheduled to start .

Service Panel SMARTinONE My SMARTinONE smartbase WordPress Soforthilfe MC smartbase smartbase Mail Delivery Mail Delivery Services NS1 NS2 NS3 NS4 SP Server Network A1 Apache Server NX2 NGINX Server Mautic Server SN1 NGINX Cloud Server SA1 Apache Cloud Server Webmail 1 SMTP mx1 :25 :465 :587 mx1 IMAP SSL/TLS :993 + :143 mx1 POP3s SSL/TLS :995 mx1 POP3 :110 Webmail 2 SMTP mx2 :25 :465 :587 mx2 IMAP SSL/TLS :993 + :143 mx2 POP3s SSL/TLS :995 mx2 POP3 :110

We plan to increase and postpone server potential, updates and upgrades to new systems and hardware. Listed services will be affected and go offline one by one for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours.

Scheduled .